Alien RFID Academy

Alien Academy provides in-depth instruction and practical hands-on experience for anyone who needs to know about RFID systems.

Designed For:

  • Those new to RFID and need an in depth class-room and practical hands-on introduction
  • Those implementing RFID systems that need to accelerate their current RFID understanding
  • Anyone needing to understand RFID “best practices”
  • People who need to understand what the latest RFID technologies can accomplish
  • Implementers looking to understand how to implement cost-effective RFID systems
  • Technical managers who need to understand where RFID works well and not so well

What will you learn and What does this mean to you?

RFID basics

  • understand how RFID operates in different environments
  • effect to different materials on RFID
  • know what are “Best Practices” and why

How to implement cost effective RFID systems?

  • how today's smart readers can simplify your RFID system
  • save you money by eliminating unnecessary system components

Impact of real situations in real environments?

  • Initialize, design, manage and troubleshoot RFID solutions
  • Learn to solve a wide range of RFID challenges in complex real-world settings