Higgs® 4

  • The industry’s highest performing, mass-market optimized, RFID IC
  • Fully optimized for mass-market and retail applications
  • Next generation serialization to speed enterprise wide serialization
Further Increases Alien’s Industry Leading Read Sensitivity Industry leading tag performance especially in challenging RF environments. Saves money: Reduces the number of read points and/or minimizes tag size.
Enhanced Write Sensitivity Cutting edge write sensitivity. Increased write performance, writing multiple words in a single command and writing to multiple-tags simultaneous, massively decreases the cost and time associated with programming hundred-of-thousands or millions or tags.
QuickWrite The ability to write a complete bank of memory with one command.
BlastWrite An IC mass-encoding capability. Takes a single write cycle to encode multiple tags.
Optimized Memory Footprint for Volume Applications & Modern Serialization Schemes Flexible memory architecture that provides for the optimum allocation of EPC and User memory. Provides an optimal memory system for volume applications while addressing the needs of enterprise wide serialization.