• Featuring industry leading data integrity & reliability
  • Cutting edge read / write sensitivty
  • Flexible memory capacity
  • Designed to fit with today’s demanding applications and the evolving IoT information base

Sentinel™ Memory

Sentinel Memory

Detects and fixes single bit errors and flags dual bit errors.

Safeguarded data and immunity to typical sources of single bit errors (chip damage, low power etc.)

Best in class read sensitivity

-20 dBm

Allows smaller tags to be designed or larger read & write distances to be realized.

Best in class write sensitivity

-18 dBm

Best in class memory reliability

200,000 write cycles

Robust memory retention (twice that of competition

96-bit expandable EPC

Supports EPC size up to 496b for flexibility

Additional 400 bits allows storing of larger identifying information

688 bit user memory

User memory for storage of additional application data.

For applications requiring data beyond EPC (asset data, service history, usage info etc.)

48b UTID with lower 38b unique serial for SGTIN generation

48b UTID. Lower 38b are duplicated in the EPC for SGTIN generation

For retail and general serialzation

Larger “pads” for improved antenna connectivity

More contact area for antenna connectivity

Increased and more consistent yield inlay to inlay