• Leapfrog in RFID technology by providing self-correcting memory
  • Best-in-Class read and write sensitivity
  • Fully backwards compatible with Alien’s other Higgs ICs

Sentinel™ Memory

Sentinel Memory

A unique and robust error correcting memory architecture. This architecture detects and fixes single bit errors and detects and flags dual bit errors.

The most robust memory in the RFID industry. Immune to single bit errors (cosmic rays, chip damage etc). Provides customers reassurance the stored data is protected and data loss/corruption minimized.

Best in class read sensitivity

-22.5 dBm

Allows smaller tags to be designed or larger read & write distances to be realized.

Best in class write sensitivity

-19 dBm

Best in class memory reliability

200,000 write cycles, two times that of competitors

More robust memory for high-write applications

96 and 128b EPC

Support EPC size up to 128b for flexibility.

Additional 32b allows storing of larger identifying information.

128b user memory

User memory for storage of additional application data.

Enables Higgs-EC to be used in applications where more memory is required unlike many competitive IC’s.