ALR-F800-X: Enterprise

Alien is Reinventing RFID with the ALR-F800-X, a Revolutionary Solution That Simplifies RFID Infrastructure Installation, Operations and Maintenance by Combining an Enterprise RFID Reader and Edge Service to Provide Multiple-Reader visualization and Management.

The ALR-F800-X is a truly transformational product created by the merging two core capabilities present in any solution. It is an ALR-F800 based 4-port Enterprise Class UHF Passive Reader and it is an Edge Service controller or manager that supports other readers in the network providing a complete Industry 4.0 solution.

  • By transforming the reader into both a middleware host AND an application host, multiple layers of complexity and cost are thereby eliminated.
  • By processing data elements at the source, the VALUE of the data is exponentially increased, because individual read points throughout a vast enterprise can be examined and evaluated in real time. This adds immeasurably to the richness and quality of the Big Data analytic scenarios now emerging in every area of business life.
Need Feature Benefit
Simplify multi-reader installation, configuration & maintenance
  • Two in one Enterprise Reader and Edge Service Device
  • Multi-reader controller with no additional hardware or boxes
  • Full ALR-F800 enterprise class reader integrated
  • Logical/user-friendly device naming
  • Logical/user-friendly location naming
  • Minimize time to system live date and cost of system realization
  • Less hardware to go wrong/replace
Simplify multi-reader workflow creation
  • Built in common Activities
  • Simple tool to build Activities into a Workflow (across readers)
  • Built in recognition of RFID data allow interpretation by the correct Tag Data Standard (TDS 1.8)
  • Aggregates multiple-reader data reports
  • Send Consolidated data reports to the cloud (minimizing data transferred)
  • Lowers cost and TTM of job description
  • Flexibility to change the workflow