–Enterprise: ALR-9900+

Industry Leader in Ease of Use

Benefit Enabled By: What does this mean to me?
Ease of Use
  • Alien Reader Protocol or LLRP
  • Smart reader/autonomous mode
  • Alien Reader Control Architecture & Ruby
  • Easy to set up and deploy
  • No additional costly controllers
  • Less maintenance and overhead
Cost Savings
  • Alien Reader Protocol
  • Smart reader/autonomous mode
  • Best-in-class sensitivity/selectivity
  • Minimizes network infrastructure
  • Minimizes tag size (cost)
  • Less read errors/robust reading
Industry Leading Read Capability
  • Best-in-class sensitivity/selectivity
  • Premier industry read rates
  • Built for challenging RF environments
  • Reduces the number of read points
  • Less equipment required
  • Minimized tag size
Industry Leading Robustness, Intelligence & Security
  • Dynamic Authentication™
  • Leading reader sensitivity/selectivity
  • Highest build quality
  • Optically isolated I/O’s
  • Industry leading anti-cloning
  • Robust & repeatable performance
  • Built for challenging environments
  • Robust physically and electrically