–Handheld: ALR-S350

The ALR-S350 is a robust, simple to use UHF passive RFID sled designed for all day intensive use. The sled characteristics provides the flexibility to use your preferred operating system type/version while enabling access to the latest generation in communications infrastructure without being tied more slowly evolving monolithic device.

Feature Enabled By Benefit
Long Battery Life
  • Double-capacity single battery
  • Low power electronics
    Up to 24 hours of intensive use
Robust Design
  • Dust and water ingress protection (IP54)
  • Solid drop tested design (1.5m/4,9ft)
  • Quadlock® robust phone mounting
    • Robust to normal knocks and drops

    despite being a sled form-factor
Simple to Use
  • Effortless Bluetooth 4.2
    (Low Energy) connectivity
  • Single battery operation
    – only one battery to manage
  • Simple smart device pairing
  • No battery swapping required
  • Dual battery systems may not
    operate when one of the
    batteries is weak
System and
  • Sled design splits RFID from Comms and O/S
  • Apps dowloadable from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store
  • Use Android or iOS
  • Use LTE of next gen 5G services
  • Use latest WiFi 802.11ac, ad etc
  • Use a phone, tablet or media player (e.g. iPod Touch)