Alien Aviator Inlay


ALN-9850 “Aviator” Higgs-EC

The Alien Technology® ALN-9850 “Aviator” is an Auburn™ Category U inlay providing non-stop performance from take-off to touch-down.

High-performance orientation- agnostic tag applicable for a wide range of materials and world-wide frequencies. Provides performance characteristics and angular sensitivity pattern that enables tag access edge-on through a full 360°. Low turn-on threshold and high backscatter. Can be used in applications where the tag may be completely end-on to the reader antenna i.e. the tag is laid flat and the reader is “looking” at the edge of the tag.
Auburn Category U Compliant Tested and certified by Auburn University ARC program – Category U, Aviation RFID inlays Ensures consistent & robust perfor- mance in Aviation baggage tag applica- tions worldwide
Reliable read / write performance with Sentinel™ memory Bit error correction, improved read/write sensitivity, robust memory retention and 200,000 write cycles (2X that of competi- tion) Robust reliability of stored data, added protection against data loss/corruption