The Alien Technology® ALN-9714 “Bio” RFID inlay is designed for use in pharmaceutical applications, especially glass vials or ampules containing fluids or powders.

Small form factor, non-near field read tag Despite its diminutive size (15 x 17mm), this tag uses conventional long range UHF antenna to provide larger read range. Offers read/write distances compatible with usage in pharmaceutical production facilities and handheld reader usage for logistics and supply chain.
Tuned for placement on glass containing water or oil based fluids. Designed to provide 30 cm / 12” or greater read distance even when applied to vials containing water based fluids.
Next generation Higgs™ 4 features and performance A mass-market optimized tag with class leading read and write performance. Supports Alien’s BlastWrite Rapid programming of serialized tags and excellent read/write performance