Wonder Dog

The Alien Technology® ALN-9768 “Wonder Dog” is a multi-faceted UHF RFID inlay suitable for many uses. While useful in many general purpose applications, it is particularly effective when used close to metals, liquids and glass. It also performs well with low power readers such as handheld UHF readers.

Tuned for use close to RF reflective or absorbing materials Tag designed to power up (high sensitivity) when mounted close to metal. Also sensitive enough for use on fluid filled bottles. Can be used on windshields containing metalized reflective sun protection, consumer electronic appliances, liquid filled bottles or general purpose applications.
High backscatter Tag is highly efficient at reflecting power back to the reader antenna. Tag works well with low power readers such as handheld units that provide little transmit power
Next generation Higgs™ 4 features and performance A mass-market optimized tag with class leading read and write performance. Supports Alien’s BlastWrite Rapid programming of serialized tags and excellent read/write performance