Built for superior performance in high-volume Retail, the Alien Technology® GT-W is an Auburn™ certified 30×50 inlay ready for your business.


ALN-9828-W Garment “GT-W” Higgs-EC

30mm x 50mm form-factor tuned for dense packed retail shelves or hanging garments Designed to fit everyday densely packed retail item use cases on shelving and hangars Reliable read rates in real-life, every day retail environments
Auburn™ retail category Compliance Meets Auburn W1, W2, W3, W5, A, B, C, D, G, M, N, Q Retail categories Ensures consistent performance for all retail-type use-cases
Reliable read / write performance with Sentinel™ memory Bit error correction, improved read/write sen- sitivity, robust memory retention and 200,000 write cycles (2X that of competition) Robust reliability of stored data & added protection against data loss/corruption