The Alien Technology® Garment “GT” is a 30mm x 50mm RFID inlay specifically designed for high read performance in the retail and apparel markets. This tag has a form-factor especially suitable for hang-tags.

ALN-9828 Garment “GT” Higgs-EC

GT inlays are now enhanced with the reliability, robustness and readability of the new Higgs-EC IC along with all the capabilities and features of the Higgs-EC version. The Sentinel Memory within the Higgs-EC is a unique error-correcting architecture that fixes single bit errors and detects rare dual bit issues. The Higgs-EC supports over 200,000 write cycle capability, two times that of other devices on the market today. Lastly, GT tags with Higgs-EC have best-in-class read and write larger sensitivity that allows larger read & write distances to be achieved and more rapid reading and encoding.

Tuned for use in retail environments with packed shelves or hanging garments Designed to fit the form-factor and everyday retail use cases where items are tightly packed on shelves or hangers Extremely high read-rates in real-life, every day retail environments
Next generation Higgs-EC features and performance A mass-market optimized tag with class leading read and write performance. Supports Alien’s BlastWrite™ Rapid programming of serialized tags and excellent read/write performance