The Alien Technology® Squiggle® inlay is a high-performance, general purpose RFID inlay for use in a wide variety of applications.

ALN-9840 “Squiggle” – Higgs-EC

Squiggle inlays are now enhanced with the reliability, robustness and readability of the new Higgs-EC IC. The Sentinel Memory within the Higgs-EC is a unique error-correcting architecture that fixes single bit errors and detects rare dual bit issues. The Higgs-EC supports over 200,000 write cycle capability, two times that of other devices on the market today. Lastly, Squiggle tags with Higgs-EC have best-in-class read and write larger sensitivity that allows larger read & write distances to be achieved and more rapid reading and encoding.

ALN-9940 “Squiggle” – Higgs-9

One of the most recognized & utilized inlays in RFID, ALN-9940 “Squiggle” by Alien Technology combines proven multi-purpose application performance with the next generation high-memory RFID IC, Higgs-9.

One of the most widely-used general-purpose tags. Large memory version: Higgs-9. Well-proven design for a broad range of worldwide applications. Large 800 bit memory or optimized 448 bit memory footprint for volume and enterprise applications. Robust, proven, and reliable. Designed to drive down the cost-of-ownership while increasing efficiencies of RFID solutions in large enterprises.
One of the best performing general-purpose tags on the market, now with next generation Higgs performance. Optimized for high performance in all world regions. Higgs-9 further enhances read and write sensitivity. Trusted performance now even further enhanced, enabling robust encoding and reading, even in challenging conditions.
Designed to work well in challenging dielectric environments. A very robust general purpose tag. Reliable in challenging environments.