The Alien Technology® “Squiglette” is a narrower version of its high-performance, general-purpose Squiggle® sibling.


ALN-9630 “Squiglette” Higgs-3

For Squiglette applications that demand more on-tag storage of up to 800 NVAM bits. This enables storage of data for the purpose of avoiding additional network access that would otherwise be required for data retrieval.


ALN-9730/ALN-9730-E “Squiglette” & “Squiglette-E” Higgs-4

For Squiglette applications that demand the most optimized solution for high-volume applications or other Higgs 4 advantages. Higgs 4 Squiggle offers BlastWrite™ mass-encoding for programming multiple tags at the same time, QuickWrite™ for writing a complete memory bank in one command and ultimate write-sensitivity which together provide the fastest mass-market tag encoding solution. Higgs 4 is provided pre-programmed with the ultimate enterprise-wide serialization scheme which enables efficient distributed mass-encoding of tags.

All Squiglette inlays, including ALN-9730-E are World Tag compliant, enabling operation across the diverse frequencies of the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa. However, ALN-9730-E is also designed for the most challenging applications within European frequencies.

Squiggle tag performance in a smaller tag Approaches the well regarded Squiggle performance tag in a smaller form-factor Smaller form-factor, still
robust, proven, and reliable
Higgs 3 or Higgs 4 variants Large memory version (Higgs3) or optimized memory version (Higgs4). Get what you need for your application – select larger memory or mass-market optimization options.
Higgs® 4 read/write performance in the highly-efficient “Squiglette” Squiggle family tag One of Alien’s best performing general purpose tags boosted by Higgs® 4 performance and features. Highly efficient, smaller form-factor tag, still robust, proven, and reliable.
Optimized 448 bit memory footprint option Optimized for both high-performance and high-volume applications Designed to drive down the cost-of-ownership while increasing efficiencies of RFID solutions in large enterprises